About the WeGO Awards

The WeGO Awards were established to identify good e-Government practices between and among cities all over the globe. WeGO highly encourages cities and local governments to participate in this event and share their improvements.

WeGO Awards aims to recognize and promote outstanding practices of e-Government of cities and local governments as well as public organizations and agencies around the world that used information and communication technologies to improve administrative efficiency and citizens’ access to public services.

WeGO Awards is open to all the cities and local governments as well as public organizations and agencies around the world. Winners will be awarded at the 3rd General Assembly of WeGO to be held in Chengdu, Sichuan Province on 3-6 November 2014.

WeGO Awards are given in the following five categories:

1. Services
- Projects that improve the quality of administrative services and urban competitiveness by allowing citizens to apply for civil requests online
- Projects that promote effectiveness of public services
- Projects that provide high quality services to citizens

2. Efficiency
- Projects that improve the administrative efficiency by computerizing all the administrative tasks, sharing public information, and promoting comprehensive and real-time management of information and resources
- Projects that introduce knowledge management to improve the administrative efficiency

3. Open City
- Projects that promote civil participation in public making by opening public information in an active manner
- Projects that improve the level of urban openness by promoting civil participation, administrative transparency, and open data

4. Urban Management
- Projects that use the latest technologies to build comprehensive urban management system for security, mobility, convenience, and environment
- Projects that promote the efficient urban management in security, disaster, transport, safety, environment, energy, welfare, and culture

5. Digital Divide
- Projects that use technologies to ensure equal access of citizens to information and communication services, regardless of the gap in income level, age, geographic location, and educational level
- Projects that care and ensure the easy access of the marginalized citizens to information

- Winners will be awarded with the Best e-Government Prize and Outstanding e-Government Prize in each category
- Winners can obtain international recognition and honors for their work on e-Government
- Winners are announced in front of a high-level, international audience and receive their trophy during the awarding ceremony at the 3rdGeneral Assembly in Chengdu, China
- Winners are widely promoted through WeGO’s communication channels, including the WeGO website, e-Newsletter, and Social Networking Sites
- Winners can publicize their achievements at the WeGO Awards on their official documents and websites
- Winners can share their knowledge and ideas with an international public

How to Apply
1. Click here to download an attachment package by category.
Each package includes an application form and a nomination form by category. Both forms should be filled out in English. Any forms in other languages will not be accepted. Please note that each project should be submitted for one category only.
2. Submit the complete forms of application and nomination here.
Note: Each city can submit up to two applications.

Evaluation Procedures
Phase 1: Online Application
Each submission will be checked if it meets the terms and requirements of WeGO Awards.

Phase 2: 1st Round Evaluation
Each submission will be evaluated based on the judging criteria and top 5 submissions in each category will be selected for 2nd round evaluation.

Phase 3: 2nd Round Evaluation
Top 2 submissions will be selected among top 5 submissions by a majority vote for the Best e-Government Prize and Outstanding e-Government Prize in each category.

Important Dates
1. Online application is available from December 1, 2013 to 31 July, 2014
2. The date for the announcement on the results of first round evaluation is to be confirmed
3. The date for the announcement on the results of second round evaluation is to be confirmed
4. Announcement of winners is to be confirmed
5. Awarding Ceremony is to be held on November 5, 2014 at the 3rd General Assembly of WeGO in Chengdu, Sichuan Province

For further questions, please contact us:

WeGO Secretariat
Tel: +82 (0)2 720 2936 or +82 (0)2 720 2937
Fax: +82 (0)2 720 2939
Email: secretariat@we-gov.org